Magento is complicated. Trust your valued website to the SEO professionals that other agencies hire.

Magento store owners know the frustrations of having a messy platform with many built in problems to solve. We can solve those problems with a one-time audit and get your store ranking.

Need help optimizing your Magento Ecommerce store for search engines? I am experienced in Magento SEO and can help bring your ecommerce search traffic to the next level.  I am the Magento expert that other SEO firms outsource their audits to on a whitelabel basis.

Out of the box, Magento websites are extremely powerful with the right developer and marketing strategy, however the typical structure of Magento sites can cause a lot of issues for search engines.

Common Magento SEO Issues

Some of the most frequently occuring Magento SEO issues we see are:

  • Canonicalization issues
  • Page cannibalization
  • Duplicate content
  • Excess search parameters
  • Index bloat
  • An excess of low quality pages in Google’s search index
  • Crawl budget optimization issues due to all of the above

What To Expect: Magento Audit Results

Each Magento site is different, but typically you can expect an increase in visibility across the board when our audit recommendations are implemented as advised. Below is an example of a large fashion website which had amazing results after implementing the directives from our audit at the beginning of this year.

SEMRush Before and After A Magento Audit – Large Fashion Ecommerce Site

Audit Your Site For Magento Search Best Practices

An audit of your Magento store can increase Google’s crawling rate of your product and category pages, optimize the efficiency and internal structure of your site, and quickly boost your SEO rankings to begin improving traffic quickly.

The number one issue to take care of in a Magento audit is  inefficiency. Magento has great features, but can cause a  lot of inefficiency – which search engines despise.

Contact Maven Digital today to get your free evaluation. We can tell you the top issues on your Magento site, and we eat these audits for breakfast, unlike a lot of other SEO companies that run from them.

Our ecommerce consulting services can integrate directly with your existing web development team to provide a seamless and painless transition from an un-optimized site to an optimized one. All we need is permission to make task requests to your developers.