Hey there, I love seo-optimizing websites!

Need help getting your website SEO optimized? That’s my specialty.

I have worked with brands as big as Gerber and Zico, as well as small mom and pops and one-man-bands. I’m the SEO gal that other SEO companies hire to help with audits and optimization.

I have helped tiny ecommerce brands outdo giants to rank for entire categories (think on the scale of “running shoes”) as well as helping underdog local businesses dominate in competitive areas like Los Angeles.

One of the most important factors in SEO strategy is context – meaning that SEO is not a one-size-fits-all activity. You have to consider the type of business, the type of competition, and specifically what Google wants to see in order to rank a website in that context. Ecommerce is a different beast than Local SEO, and both are vastly different than affiliate SEO.

My agency experience means I’ve worked with a variety of businesses and understand these contexts unlike many other SEOs who may have only worked on one type of website or with 1-2 big sites as an in-house marketer, or worse yet, only on their own projects.

I provide hands on SEO optimization to get your site completely audited and optimized in one day by me (see below).

how my website optimization services work

I can provide SEO optimization for websites of any size through my VIP Days. Some websites such as large ecommerce stores will require more than one session – please chat with me or schedule a call to determine how many days your project will need.

One VIP optimization day is best suited for complete optimization of any website with fewer than 20 target landing pages (don’t worry if your site has more due to structure issues – those will get straightened out with the optimization.)


  • Competitive analysis of current ranking sites for your target keywords to determine strategic ranking factors to implement
  • Crawl and analyze current site structure per competitive analysis results
  • Solve any overall site structure and health issues appropriately
    • duplicate content
    • incorrect silos
    • low quality archive pages
    • on-site 301s
    • on-site 404s
  • Implement appropriate redirects for site structure as needed
  • Determine appropriate structure of target pages
  • Optimize each target page one by one – evaluating, writing, and implementing appropriate meta data based on competitive analysis
    • Page titles
    • Meta descriptions
    • H tag rewrites
    • Internal linking
    • Content recommendations & slight adjustments
    • Image optimization
    • KW density analysis & adjustments, with rewrite/removal/addition recommendations where needed
  • NAP Analysis
  • Implement local schema markup per NAP analysis results
  • GMB implementation analysis
  • Implement GMB appropriately on-site
  • Provide feedback for content improvements/recommendations for client going forward, including any pages that need to be created


You will go from having an unoptimized website and not being sure how to fix it yourself or how to be confident in who you hire to fix it, to having a completely optimized website in just one day without having to do it yourself or worry about it being done “right” by a less experienced SEO.

You can choose 1 of 2 output options:

  • Receive complete website optimization completed hands on by me, OR
  • Receive a complete list of items that need to be changed on your website.

You can not receive both as part of this package because implementing the changes typically takes about as much time as writing out the changes that need to be done, and explaining what changes to make/how to make them appropriately often takes more time than simply doing them. 

However, you may receive a comparison of the website’s optimization before and after in the form of a Screaming Frog spreadsheet export, if you would like to manually compare changes. You are also welcome to use a program such as DeepCrawl or any auditing program of your choice to monitor on-site factors over time.


What platforms can you work with?

A full implementation project is best suited for pretty much any platform except for Magento. 

This means I can optimize your WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify, or even Wix or Square websites. 

For Magento, you will receive an audit list for your developers to implement. 

Will my website be optimized in one day?

Most local business websites and solo professional websites can absolutely be optimized in one day. Keep in mind your website is my only focus for that entire day.

Ecommerce may need multiple days, depending on your product focus. Contact me to discuss your specific project.

Do you write content?

NO. I am not a copywriter and providing content is not part of this SEO optimization service, which focuses on implementing proper on-site technical SEO based on your specific SEO context.

If your content needs minor adjustments related to keyword density, I will make those adjustments.

If your content needs major changes such as extensive additions, I will provide specific homework or recommendations so we can get the content needed for SEO purposes.

Can you optimize my site without website access?

If you only want to receive an audit list, yes. However to implement changes, I will need full website access.

Do you provide follow up support?

Yes, I am happy to answer any questions related to the website optimization for 30 days via chat and email.

However if you opt to receive the audit recommendations as a list instead of implemented, keep in mind you will need to book another session if you or your developers need implementation support or confirmation of proper implementation.


My Fantastic SEO Clients

“Hannah is exceptional. I had the pleasure of working with her first hand on our SEO efforts… she continued to exceed expectation through her depth of knowledge, organizational skills (as an extension of our business), and professionalism. Highly recommend.”

Natasha Chu, VP of Ecommerce at Beyond Yoga

“Before our site was launched, Hannah truly took the time to understand where we were going and how we should structure the site now to not have any detrimental impacts years from now.

Since launching the site, Hannah has helped tremendously in diving deep into very specific questions and getting back to us on deep analysis (again, no generic responses). She truly takes the time to understand your niche and think through all the different points. The level of detail received back has been incredibly useful for implementing our SEO strategy.

We have ranked on #5 to #7 spot ON OUR OWN, just by using some of the consulting feedback, in less than 3 weeks for the right keywords that we are targeting. This was huge!!”

Reet, TripOutside