I provide professional SEO services to outrank your competition and gain more traffic.

I’m not a traditional SEO agency – I’m a professional SEO strategist.

Every SEO service I provide is custom tailored to your business – because every website is different, industry is different, every market is different, and every digital context is different.

The SEO strategy I recommend for you will depend on what’s required for your industry, what your goals are, and whether those goals are achievable at your budget.

your #1 choice for professional seo services

With so many SEO experts to choose from, how do you know what to look for?

12+ Yrs Experience

I’ve been optimizing websites my entire career, so I know what Google is looking for and how to please the algorithm.

Agency Expertise

My wide range of clients and agency experience helps me optimize a variety of sites effectively, no matter the context.

A-La-Carte Options

Don’t need full SEO management? You can book me for a one-time service or buy a finite package.

No Sales Center

I don’t have a sales center with a cold calling team to drum up business. You’ll be working directly with me!

website optimization ↗

Clean up your website and help it target strategic keywords.

technical seo audits

Fix all of the technical errors on your website, so you’re not being held back.

content strategy

Discover and plan strategic content topics to help you gain visibility.

magento seo audits ↗

Get your Magento store SEO straightened out.

How does SEO help your business?

Not every business needs SEO. We only take on clients we know  we can get results  for. These are usually established small businesses that are either selling  services  or  products  through their website, with a need for more customers from search engines.

SEO stands for  Search Engine Optimization . This means that at its core, SEO services are designed to get your website more visibility in search engines. What runs search engines and makes them meaningful to small businesses? Searches. 

So the key to discovering whether SEO is right for your business is to decide  are people searching for your products and services?  If the answer is YES, then you can benefit from increased search engine visibility.